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Professional Bridge offers customer outsourcing services. We are an organisation of repute in the world of IT services with more than 10 years experience. We offer the very best IT outsourcing services, as a result of this, we have huge client base. Professional Bridge is located in RMV Extension, Bangalore and has operations all over the state.

Why Choose Professional Bridge?

We are rated as one of the top IT outsourcing companies in Bangalore. Some reasons for this as we have made it necessary to offer any customer the following;
Our team are brilliant and equipped to deal with any need or situation. In addition, we also have offer the cheapest rates for any company.
Recruitment is a big challenge in India. The Indian software industry faces a stiff task when it comes to recruitment. Our recruitment sees leave no stone unturned.
Our candidates are skilled in various IT aspects as we provide developers, designers, data entry professionals, etc.
We are also in the good books of employees as we never cut back on benefits or salaries which a lot of companies do at times.
To further boost the recruitment process we conduct interviews of our own and also ensure candidates go through a technical test if the need arises.

One Stop Solution for all your IT infrastructure Needs

Management of IT needs has been a challenge for most non IT companies. While large companies have set up dedicated IT departments to address their IT needs, the Small and Mid-sized businesses do not find it an efficient utilization of resources. Also, due to market pressures, availability of skilled staff which can develop a vision, and take long term decisions is also very limited. Typically, IT is managed by a very small group in the SME segment. In the vast majority of cases, the decision making for all IT lies with the top management who may not be able to dedicate the time IT related research and processes demand.

As a result the IT decisions and spending become less planned, more ad-hoc and as a consequence the company might be spending more than they should and still getting a bag bargain.

Our Outsourcing Services include;
IT Infrastructure Consultancy
Disaster Recovery Planning and Management
IT Helpdesk
Multi-location Connectivity
Network Management
Email Management Consultancy
Manpower Support
Software License Compliance Advisory Services

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If you are in serious need of Outsourcing services, waste no time further and give us a call, right away. We are glad to provide you with only best services, around here. Just be sure to keep our numbers handy, as you never know when you might have to come across our help.

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